This collection examines issues related to reproductive health, including the legality of reproductive services (reproductive rights), access to those services (reproductive health), and how societal factors such as race or social status impact access to and decisions about reproductive health (reproductive justice). This includes everything from contraception and comprehensive sex education, to abortion and pre-natal and pregnancy care, as well as other issues that inform a person’s full reproductive autonomy. This special collection brings together knowledge and insights from organizations addressing reproductive health related issues and explores the impact foundations and nonprofits are having on this work.

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Dobbs Was Not The Beginning: A Guide on Pregnancy Criminalization

December 5, 2022

Community Justice Exchange partnered with Repro Legal Defense Fund to produce this guide for anyone interested in understanding the ways criminalization of abortion has manifested and harmed people in the past as a way to understand what we might expect in the post-Dobbs era. The guide specifically focuses on the current and anticipated increase of the criminalization of individuals who self-manage their abortion or are suspected of self-managing their abortion. We also identify and provide guidance for possible points of intervention and support that would benefit people being criminalized for self-managed abortion, as well as further resources for understanding and intervening in the criminalization of self-managed abortion.