Reproductive Rights and Justice Movement Leaders Respond to ‘Big Tech’ Suppression of Accurate Abortion Information

Oct 26, 2023
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Content suppression was, and remains, a deeply problematic issue in a world increasingly hostile to abortion, and big tech is part of the problem. While organizations and individuals in the abortion rights space are finding ways around the confusing maze of suppression to make sure their content is seen – like spelling it "aborti0n" – this raises questions as to how many are actually getting the information they need and how many are missing vital information to make decisions when posts are incorrectly removed and reinstated. Because abortion is a time-sensitive medical procedure, there is no time to waste, and tech companies should have had a plan for the post-Roe world long ago. We demand they catch up.

Our report details the data collected on online anti-abortion disinformation, digital suppression and removal of accurate abortion content, and demands of the reproductive health, rights, and justice community to improve the online space for abortion seekers and health care communicators.